3 Reasons Your Above-Ground Pool Needs To Be Replaced

Pool season is in full swing, and many homeowners are finding themselves grappling with what to do with their old above-ground pools. If you have a pool you’re not quite sure what to do with, consider the three reasons your above-ground pool needs to be replaced.

1. It Is Leaking

If your above-ground pool is leaking and replacing the liner doesn’t solve the issue anymore, it’s time to replace it. Most pools eventually leak, but the rate of leakage is what counts. If you need to fill your pool all the time, it could indicate that it’s on its last legs. Here are some hazards of a pool leak:

  • It can make the ground muddy
  • It can decrease your property value
  • It can overwater nearby plants
  • It can negatively impact your water usage and bill

2. It Is an Eyesore

An old, worn-down above-ground pool can quickly turn into an eyesore in the lawn of an otherwise gorgeous estate. When there is an old pool on your property, it can affect your property’s value and even your neighbors if it’s visible from their homes. Here are some things that can contribute to a pool becoming an eyesore:

  • It can fade from sun exposure
  • Rust can form on it
  • Cracks can make it look unsightly

3. It Is Starting to Rust

If your pool is starting to rust, it’s probably time to replace it. There’s no clear cure for a rusted pool, and the process is bound to happen eventually. Corrosion can happen to the top rails of the pool or even the pool walls. If rust is forming on the pool walls, you should replace them sooner rather than later to prevent structural weakness from causing a potential collapse. Here are a few places to check for rust:

  • The pool walls
  • The pool rails
  • The bottom of the pool

There are many possible reasons your above-ground pool needs to be replaced. If you’re thinking about replacing it, chances are it’s the right time. Contact us at JM Junk Removers for all your above-ground pool removal needs.


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