How Much Does Junk Removal Cost? Factors To Consider

There are plenty of reasons one may end up with old junk they need to be removed from their property. Perhaps a move left a family with old items they must dispose of, or a large item broke and needs to be taken away.

When it comes to removing junk, people have two options: rent a dumpster and fill and dispose of it yourself, or hire professional junk removers. Often, hiring junk removers is the best option. You may be asking yourself, “How much does junk removal cost?” Learn that and the factors to consider about it below.

How Pricing Works

Unless someone works in an industry that relies heavily on junk removal, it’s something most people only require a few times in their life, so pricing can be a bit of a foggy area. It is important to understand what typical and reasonable prices are for different junk removal types.

Here are a few things we take into consideration when pricing junk removals for our clients.

Size of Items

Junk removal services can base their cost around how much space is required to break down specific objects. For example, here at Junk Removers, we generally price based on the volume. We break down volume into cubic yards, and the price per cubic yard ranges from there based on what the item actually is.

Our trucks are roughly equal to eight regular-sized pickup truck loads. We can break down prices down to 1/8 a truckload.

Labor and Disposal

Consider what you need disposed, how difficult it is to move, and if it requires special means to be thrown away. For example, a couch would be less cumbersome to remove from a property than a bunch of loose tiles.

When it comes to the accuracy of pricing large removals—such as business closings and estate clean-outs—we send a representative to assess the situation and provide an accurate quote. For smaller jobs, we ask a series of questions to help us identify the correct pricing.

Our Pricing

While our pricing varies based on item volume and other considerations such as disposal costs and moving difficulties, below is a basic model of our costs.

  • Full truckload= $630
  • 75 percent truckload= $475
  • 50 percent truckload= $315
  • 25 percent truckload= $160
  • 12.5 percent truckload= $125

The truck used for this pricing model is eight feet long by five feet wide, or the equivalent of about eight pickup trucks. We pride ourselves on transparency and always provide a free quote for our services before a job.

How To Know You’re Getting a Deal

Nobody likes when a price point is different than a quote or isn’t fully disclosed before agreeing to a service. This extends into the junk removal field. As a junk removal company, we know how essential it is to communicate with our customers, so they aren’t surprised by the costs. We offer free quotes that come with no obligations. Here are a few things we recommend paying close attention to when shopping for a junk removal service.


  • A company that puts their prices online instead of hiding them
  • Free quotes
  • Ability to send photos of the junk
  • Advocates for communication

Best Practices

  • Calls or emails to confirm a description of what is needed
  • Asks questions about the situation before providing an estimate
  • Option for an in-person quote on large jobs
  • Transparency in truck size and pricing

What To Consider

There are many things to consider when looking for the right junk removal service. Going with a company you trust is always the best option for any endeavor. It’s not uncommon for people to get frustrated about the items they need removed and then go with the first company to cross their path—but doing a little research on how trustworthy the company is can save you time, money, and headaches.

Size of Items

Consider the size of your items that need removal. You could measure them to provide an accurate estimate for the junk removers you’ve decided to work with. Understanding how much of a percentage of a truckload(s) your items will require helps you communicate your needs, which allows the company to provide an accurate quote.

Number of Items

In the case that you have multiple items that need to be removed, it’s best to understand the size of each item and the difficulty of moving multiple items. Share everything you need taken away with the company you’re considering, so they understand the full requirements of the job.

It’s best practice to tell the representative if it’s a large job or if it will only require filling some of the truck.

Minimum Charges

Many junk removal companies have a baseline minimum charge. This charge covers the costs of the labor and truck time that it takes to come and get any junk from a location—no matter the amount.

Sometimes there’s only a small piece of junk that needs to be removed, but it’s not enough to fill up a truck. This is not an issue for many businesses so long as the minimum charge is met. For example, our minimum charge is $125.

What Can Go

Every junk removal company will have its own limitations and set of rules on what types of items they will and won’t take. Here’s an example list of what we commonly remove for our clients:

  • Above-ground pools
  • Deck demolitions (including concrete, lumber, nails, and more!)
  • Furniture
  • Dirt, rocks, debris
  • Clothing, toys, and other old leftover items
  • Appliances
  • Electronics, TVs, computers, etc.
  • Flooring
  • Construction debris
  • Swing sets
  • Treadmills and other workout equipment
  • Sheds (we demolish and take apart these for you)
  • Hot tubs (we will disassemble, disconnect, and take away your old tub)
  • Other junk (anything you’ve got and don’t want)

We take much more than what’s listed above. Call us for a quote or more information about how we can help get rid of your unwanted junk!

Here at Junk Removers, we value communication and ensure our customers know exactly what our pricing model entails and includes. For professional and reliable junk removal in Dallas, contact us today.

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost? Factors To Consider


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