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Learn about JM Junk Removers! We faithfully service the Dallas Texas area and are committed to 5-star service that exceeds your expections day in and out.

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Learn About Us & Our Journey

Oftentimes, our customers are smart or handy people who are just overwhelmed by life. They have the know-how, but not the tools, time, or energy to get rid of their old washer or deck debris.

I found myself in a similar position before I started JM Junk Removers. It’s why our team does what we do.

  • Cleaning out the garage and found a pile of clutter?
  • Ready to move, but not to take everything with you?
  • Have a single item, but no time to get rid of it?

JM Junk Removers is here to give you a hand!

josh the owner and his kids
Josh (Owner) with his daughters.

Why We Started A Junk Removal Business?

First time was when I was getting rid of four old concrete fence posts that surrounded our above ground pool. I had no way to transport them and even if I did have a way to take them somewhere I also had no idea where!

Fast forward a year later and I began the dreaded moving process. Of course I had furniture and a giant pile of stuff I had no interest in taking with us to the new home. Once again we had no way to make these things go away and no idea where to take them! 

As is the American way I decided to create a solution for all of those that may have this same issue. Thus JM Junk Removers, LLC was created!

Josh and Melissa Challis

Josh and Melissa are the owners and founders of JM Junk Removers. We were married in 2012 and have 4 awesome children! Our goal starting this business is to help people live clutter free lives. Josh’s personal goal in owning this business is to help his teams grow as individuals and together through teamwork and exceptional customer service.

Josh has over 18 years of sales experience, with 15 years of customer service, he also handles the advertising and marketing which has been a skill he has self taught among many others. You can also catch Josh on YouTube doing demo jobs, storage facility clean outs and more! In his free time Josh loves to be outdoors and that includes camping, gardening, or just hanging out with friends.

Melissa is a stay at home mom and works part-time as the HR Manager for JM Junk Removers along with doing the social media, blogging, payroll,  bookkeeping, and basically anything else that comes up. She’s our Super Woman! In her free time she loves to try new recipes, hang out with family or friends, and lay out on the beach. She also has a propensity for adding licenses to her repertoire the latest one includes her real estate license.

Ryan Weishar

Ryan is JM Junk Removers Operations Manager and he does a great job supporting the teams and ensuring we maintain exceptional service. Ryan is a veteran, he served six years as a Ranger Medic including in Afghanistan. We appreciate his service abroad and are grateful for those skills he applies everyday at work. He has a lovely wife and 2 kids. In his free time he loves to work out, have BBQs with friends, and hang out at the pool.


DionTae Champion

DionTae AKA Tae is our Service Technician, he is a great leader who understands how to connect with his crew but most importantly the customers.  Tae played college basketball before joining JM Junk Removers. He’s starting a family and has great goals to provide a great life for his family. On his days off he enjoys playing video games and playing basketball. Tae is the goofy guy on the team, he loves to make others laugh and never passes up an opportunity to take a funny picture.

Jazier DelaTorre

Jaziel aka J got his nickname because no one could pronounce his name! Thankfully he didn’t mind and has stuck around. J is a hard worker and a team player. He lives with his mom and brother of which he helps support. Along with being a technician’s helper he also details all of our trucks so that they are clean and shiny! On his days off you can find him hanging out with his girlfriend or playing video games.

Allie Pyle

Allie is our Service Advisor. She does a little bit of this and that around the office. Allie is very dependable, we can always count on her to get the job done! She is currently attending Dallas Community College to study Communications. In her free time she loves to travel, read, and bake.

Thanks For Trusting JM Junk Removers

Our customers continually praise our services, as evidenced by our 5-star ratings on all major review platforms. We take pride in providing exceptional service to all of our customers, and strive to ensure that each client is satisfied with the outcome.

Since 2018, our mission has been to ensure that our customers can easily and efficiently remove their junk while receiving the highest quality of service from our experienced team. We are committed to making sure that all requests for removal are fulfilled safely and professionally, with the utmost care taken when handling each customer’s possessions. With JM Junk Removers, we make it happen.

From disposing of a fridge or mattress to a giant pile in your garage or storage space, we make it all go away!

Want to contact us? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call at 214-888-5865!

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