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JM Junk Removers offers full-service hot tub removal for Dallas residents and businesses. When you need to get rid of a hot tub the easy way, we can do it for you!

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Hot Tub Removal near Dallas Texas

Getting Rid of Your Hot Tub

Why Hire A Professional

Everyone who’s owned a hot tub knows that as the years go by, they break down and become hard to maintain. What happens when you need it to go away? What happens when the bill to keep it going becomes too large? Getting rid of a hot tub is a big task, and one that many cannot do themselves. Hot tub removals come with numerous steps and variables depending on the type of hot tub, how old it is, where it is, the state of the water, and so much more. Even just knowing where to start with the removal can be a challenge, and then you have to figure out how to transport it and dispose of it. When you hire professionals to remove your hot tub for you, they take care of all of that. From proper removal to disposal professional hot tub removers like JM Junk Removers can make getting rid of your hot tub easy.

JM Junk Removers Can Get Your Hot Tub Removal Done

Our process for hot tub demolition is clean and painless. Our priority in everything we do is to create convenience for our clients saving them time, effort, and stress. All you need to do is show our team the hot tub and we do the rest!  Our team will come prepared with all the necessary tools, and we will do what is required to remove the hot tub, water, insolation, foundation, skirting, and everything else!

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Learn About Our Hot Tub Removal Service

How It Works

Our services are made to be stress free for you, so all you have to do is schedule your appointment online or by calling us at 214-888-5865. We do the rest! On the appointed day our team will come, remove the hot tub, including doing any necessary demo work, load it up, haul it away, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Then you will receive an invoice via text or email, and that’s it! We do all the heavy lifting to ensure the experience is hassle-free, so no matter the job you never have to worry.

Our Pricing

With all demolition that we do labor and tools will be the variables. Our fill pricing is set and you can see that pricing in our pricing tab. If we need to chop up or drain then those two processes will add expense. For general pricing (including fill rate) it can range between $200-$1200 to demo, haul away,  and clean-up your hot tub area.

If the Hot Tub is built very well and holds more than 6 people it will be on the higher end of that pricing. if its easy to move around and no demo is needed it will be on the cheaper side.

We also offer a variety of other types of demolition and removal services including:

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Hot Tub Removal Made Easy

Let JM Junk Take Care of Your Hot Tub Removal

Our hot tub removal service is the easiest way to get rid of your hot tub! Trust our experienced team to take the stress out of such a big task. We understand that a hot tub removal can be a big expense, and we want to give you the most accurate pricing possible before we come out.  So call or submit a contact us form to get a free, no commitment quote!

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Getting an estimate and making an appointment with JM Junk Removers is easy. Just call us at 214-888-5865 to speak with an expert or contact us online to ask questions and book your appointment. You can count on JM Junk Removers to take care of your situation is a professional, convenient, and timely manner every time!

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To Save $20

Book Online Now

To Save $20

Hot Tub Removal in Dallas, TX and Surrounding Cities by JM Junk Removers

Say goodbye to that nasty old hot tub and reclaim your outdoor living space today! JM Junk Removers can demo, disassemble, and remove your old hot tub or spa. We have the crew and the equipment to get the job done right! When we’re done, all you have to do is decide how to use your new outdoor space! You’ll be so inspired you might even want to shop one of our area’s many retailers for a luxurious new hot tub to fill the space! Call us today for on-demand hot tub disposal and removal in Dallas, TX.

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