Junk Removal Garland TX

JM Junk Removers helps property owners in Garland TX get rid of their junk by taking care of the heavy lifting.

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Junk Removal Garland TX

When you’re ready to get rid of your unwanted items, call JM Junk Removers at 214-888-5865. We make the whole process from first contact to final payment streamlined, and fast.  We highly value your time and provide quick Junk Removal service so you can get back to what matters most to you!

A Few Jobs We Commonly Do Are:

  • Move Out Cleanout
    • Moving often includes getting rid of junk, appliances, furniture, and mattress you have meant to get rid of, but haven’t. You do not want to take that to your new home. You want a fresh start in your new home, and that means getting rid of the junk. If you only have a little, and don’t need a full clean out, we can do that too. No job is too big or too small.
  • Estate Cleanout
    • An estate cleanout can be overwhelming and time consuming.  There is no need to waste your time or be stressed when you can hire us to do the heavy lifting and hard work for you.  We have the experience to complete the task.
  • Furniture Removal

If you are unsure if we do the work or are able to make it happen just give us a call to find out!

One of the best parts of JM Junk Removers is we recycle, repurpose, and donate as much as we possibly can! The purpose of this is to keep what we can out of the landfills for reuse in some way. We see this as our obligation due to being in the Junk Removal industry!

When you call out JM Junk for something like an hot tub or a deck removal, you can be assured that your home and business are in good hands. Our crews are highly trained with demolition and heavy furniture removal like pianos, televisions, armoires, etc, but let’s face it, we’re all human. Mistakes happen! Right? Because of that we’re a fully insured business that takes care of any issues caused by our crews that come up. Just another reason why JM Junk Removers is the right choice for your project. We are professional, highly trained and fully insured. Sounds like a winner to us!

How JM Junk Makes it Easy to Get Started

JM Junk Removers makes junk removal in Garland, TX simple.

  • The first step? Call or text us at 214-888-JUNK, or email us!
  • Yourself and our dispatch will set a time and date for JM Junk crew to come out and evaluate your situation.
  • Your JM Junk Removal crew will call you when they are 20-40 minutes from arrival.
  • Once onsite all you need to do is point at what you want gone.
  • The crew will provide an exact price, once you give us a thumbs up, they will get to work right then and there!
  • Once done our payment process is seamless, the crew will text you an invoice that allows you to pay with any card!

Once all is said and done our top two goals are to make you junk free with no hassle.

At JM Junk Removers we believe our 6 easy steps for junk removal should reflect the respect we have for our customers’ time.  By having these steps in place our customers not only know what to expect every time they utilize our services, but we can guarantee we meet their expectations.  We know how valuable time is, so we strive to give our customers exact arrival times to better accommodate their busy lives.  We work efficiency to get your job completed in a timely manner so you can get back to your work or routine. We wrap up the job and close out with a convenient text or email knowing this too will allow you to get back to your day.

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“We have used this company twice now and they are in my opinion the best! I would recommend them to anyone. Great people, great service and work extremely quick. I wish I had a before picture of our garage but unfortunately I do not. It took him about an hour and fifteen minutes to clear it out and it took up the whole trailer for the most part. Thank you again for the work you do.” – Wendel B.

You deserve the best and that’s exactly what you’ll get when our team takes on your project. We offer honest pricing, worry-free customer service plus everything else needed for a successful junk removal or light demolition project Dallas Texas! Get started today with requesting a free estimate!

You can reach JM Junk Removers every day of the week by calling 214-888-5865 or contacting us online and we’ll get back to you!

Also, we love texting, send us pictures of your junk and we might be able to quote you over the phone: 214-888-5865.

You will never go wrong when choosing JM Junk Removers!

Learn More about JM Junk Removers:

JM Junk Removers is a locally run and operated company that strives to employee residents within, give back to, and be a positive contribution to our community. We are actively working to strengthen our professional and personal connections within the Dallas Metroplex by being helpful and supportive of other local businesses.  At JM Junk Removers we know the stronger the community bond, the better the community will be.

This is evident in our Core Values, Mission Statement, and Guiding Principle that we hold our employees and ourselves too.  We discuss and use these everyday individually and as a team. We know our customers have high standards, as do we.  We value our customers and community enough to utilize these core values daily.

Our Core Values 

  • Excellence – Strive for excellence in ALL things.
  • Accountability – Accountability starts with YOU!     
  • Teamwork – Success requires great teamwork.
  • Safety – Be mindful of safety at all times.
  • Honesty – Try to be honest in all of your doings.
  • Gratefulness – Practice gratefulness each day.
  • Family – Treat co-workers and customers like family.

Our Mission Statement

To build a business that fosters mental, physical, and spiritual growth to each team member while providing award winning service.

Our Guiding Principle 

Always provide a solution to the problem. Think outside the box but stay within our values.

What is junk removal in Garland, TX?

As we mentioned before, JM Junk is your one stop shop for all junk removal needs. This includes old furniture that may not be donatable. If you have time, reach out to Goodwill to see. If you can wait on their 3-4 week lead time, and if they can take it then that’s a great option for you.  However, if you don’t have the time and need it gone yesterday then we should be your first choice “Easy Button”! Here are some other types of junk removal in Garland, TX.

  • Couches
    • Currently most nationwide donation centers will not accept couches that are not neutral colors. This includes red, floral, yellow, and printed fabric couches. We do not discriminate against any colors or patterns. No amount of broken pieces or nor age of the couches are a problem for us
  • Mattresses
    • There are often concerns with mattresses that include bed bugs, deterioration, and body fluids.  We know how to properly remove and dispose of mattresses without concerns.
  • Appliances
    • Due to freon in refrigerators and freezers you can’t just dispose of them.  It requires certification.  Recycling through your sanitation department has rules and regulations to follow. We know how to recycle, where to dispose of, and how to do appliance removal for you.
  • Cardboard Boxes
    • Cardboard boxes also come with regulations for recycling. They must have no waxed cardboard, plastic or foil lining from cereal or cracker boxes, pizza boxes or food contaminated boxes are allowed. They must be empty as well. We will take them in any condition, lining, and even full of junk.
  • Televisions
    • We can remove and dispose of old style televisions as well as the newer LCD television.  JM Junk can properly dispose of all your e-waste, including old computers, printers. faxes, and telephones.
  • Brush Removal
    • When you are done with cutting down trees, cutting back tree branches, or have collected bags of yard clippings, the local garbage disposal companies will not take it with your weekly trash pickup. Call JM Junk to pick up your brush removal as well as yard waste and construction debris.


In Garland TX, We Serve Both Residents & Business

JM Junk Removers has got you covered, get rid of your junk without doing the heavy labor!

City Fun Fact: Walker and Texas Ranger the famous television series starring Chuck Norris were filmed in Garland Texas.

If you hire us, you will get the best Junk Removal service in Garland. Your junk will be removed in no time by our team of highly skilled workers.

We make it simple, call us or send us a text at 214-888-5865!

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