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Preparing the Perfect Storage Space for your Attic.

Walking into your attic and finding a mess of overflowing totes, random decor, and mystery boxes can be stressful. With the holiday season here it can be even worse. For many, the start of the holiday season means a trip to the attic which can lead to stumbling your way through boxes of items, random furniture, mementos, and accumulated junk you haven’t seen in months or years. Having an overpacked and junk filled attic can bring so much stress, so for many an attic clean out might be in order.

Attics can be home to all sorts of things, and throughout the year the chore of cleaning it can get lost. When it is finally time for a trip to the attic, the sight of it can be overwhelming. The task can seem impossible, but there are a few ways to get the ball rolling and ensure a successful attic clean out.

What to do First

So, where to start? No matter the state of your attic start by prioritizing preparation and safety. First set yourself up for success by choosing a day you know you could spend an hour or hours working on the attic clean out. Next, have the items necessary to protect yourself while you complete the job. Even though your own attic might not seem dangerous, a wrong step could land your foot through the ceiling. Make sure your feet are covered, closed toed shoes like boots or sneakers would work. Gloves and protective eyewear are also recommended to prevent irritation from insulation. It is also important to stay hydrated. Your attic may be hotter than you expect and moving junk up and down a ladder can be tiring work. Once you have yourself covered and ready to go into the attic the work can begin.

The Attic Clean Out

Attics accumulate a lot and often when you go to do a full attic clean out you find items you no longer want or need. A good system to implement while cleaning your attic is to create separate piles for items that need to stay in the attic, items that need to be sold or donated, and items and trash that need to be thrown out. While this system will be helpful, this task can get overwhelming fast, so start small. Pick a section a few feet wide in your attic and go through every item within that area. After going through the section move all trash and items that you are going to give away out of the attic to give yourself more space. You can save this step for later if your attic has enough space for you to continue working comfortably. Clearing out the space as you go should help ease the process and better allow you to see your progress. Go section by section, taking breaks in between if needed, and sort through all items. Open up all closed totes and boxes to ensure that you find and remove all unwanted items and trash.

Junk Removal Disposal Options

The last step to your attic clean out is to dispose of the junk. Now that you have removed all unwanted items from your attic you have a few different options for what you can do with them.

  • Donate – Give items in good condition away to friends or family or donate them to a local donation spot or thrift store. If you are not sure of local donation spots you can see if there is a Goodwill or Salvation Army near you.
  • Sell – Sell other items in good condition through sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Dump and Recycle – Properly dispose of trash and items you cannot safely give away. If you have room you can load all the trash up into trash bags and throw it in you trash can or dumpster. If you have too much junk to throw out at home, then you will need to find a landfill or recycling center to unload your items.

What to do When the Job is too Big?

A full attic clean out is a big task that can be physically demanding and cause some major headaches. JM Junk Removers can help make your attic clean out a painless process for you. We have a team of people ready to do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, tell us what you would like gone. We do the rest. JM Junk Removers will enter the the attic, remove all unwanted junk, including electronics, furniture, boxes, and more, and dispose of it for you.

Attics can easily become a catchall throughout the busy year and you might not have the time or energy to clean yours out. JM Junk Removers offers attic clean outs that will remove all unwanted junk with no hassle for you. Call us at 214-888-Junk (5865) to get a quote or book an attic clean out.

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