BBQ Grill Removal: Out With The Old

JM Junk Removers completing a BBQ grill removal service.

Summer is almost here, and with warmer weather and sunny skies coming, cookout season is bound to be in full swing. Cooking out with family and friends can be a highlight for many people throughout the summer season. But, what do you do when you’re ready to embrace the cookout season, and your grill is not? If your grill is looking a little sad or just flat out dead, we’ve got some tips on how to safely remove it. Or, if you need a helping hand, let JM Junk Removers take care of your BBQ grill removal for you!

Tips to a Safe BBQ Grill Removal

BBQ grill removals can be a challenge, and depending on the type of grill you have, its size, and its condition your removal may look different from others. Knowing the basic safety measures, preparations, and disposal options can make all the difference when it comes to properly getting rid of your grill. While it is not the most fun step, research is important in any junk removal situation. Knowing the best way to remove your junk and finding what disposal option is most accessible and practical for you can take some time, but it is essential. To help you get started let’s go over some basic safety, preparation, and disposal tips.

If the grill you are removing runs on propane there are a few steps you must take to first properly dispose of the propane tanks. Before you can remove and dispose of your grill, you must first take out the propane tank and be ready to dispose of it separately. As it is considered hazardous waste, there are few places you can dispose of a propane tank. In many cases you will need to find a hazardous waste collection site or a specialized recycling center. Searching up propane recycling near you or in your specific city can help you see if recycling your propane tank is possible.

Every grill removal is different as grills come in all different shapes and sizes. If your grill is small and light it may be easy to remove it without the need for tools or external help. However, if your grill is quite large or heavy, you may need to take it apart and transport it in pieces. Or, you may need a helping hand to safely transport the grill to its disposal site. Before beginning the removal process access your grill and decide if you will be able to move it by yourself or if you’ll need a helping hand to move it to where it needs to go.

Disposal is often one of the hardest steps in the junk removal process. Knowing where your grill is going before moving it can help the process run smoothly. Depending on your grills condition you have a few different disposal option. If your grill is still in a useable condition you can look into selling or donating it. You can try selling your grill online through sites like Facebook Marketplace. Many donation organizations will not accept a used grill, but check your area for any spots that may accept used appliances. You can also reach out to friends, family, or other members of your community to see if they are in need of a grill.

If your grill is broken or no longer usable then disposing of it can take a few steps. Recycling your grill is one option that allows you to get rid of your grill without it ending up in a landfill. Most grills are made up of both recyclable and non-recyclable parts, so before taking your grill to a recycling center you’ll need to take apart the grill and sort out what pieces can be recycled and what need to be thrown away. Any metal parts of the grill, and some plastic parts, should be recyclable.

Who to Call When You Need Help

A BBQ removal can be a big job, but JM Junk Removers is here to help! JM Junk Removers is a junk removal company operating in the DFW area. We are a family owned business specializing in junk removal, demolition, and clean out services for both families and companies alike. Our goal as a junk removal company is to make getting rid of your junk easy and stress free for you. So, our team of local experts does all the heavy lifting. From picking up your junk, to loading it, hauling it, and disposing of it properly, our team handles everything. Our services are made to be convenient for you, so we work with your schedule and needs to get your junk removed quickly and safely.

JM Junk Removers offers three main types of services, junk removal, demolition, and clean outs.

Our junk removal services can range from picking up furniture, appliances, fencing, bagged trash, boxes, and more. With our junk removal services our team will efficiently and safely remove all the junk you want gone, haul it away, and dispose of it properly.

Our demolition and removal services include removing hot tubs, swing sets, gazebos, decks, camper vans, metal awnings, and more. Demolitions can be dangerous and tedious jobs, but our team makes it easy. Our team will come prepared with all the necessary tools to get your demolition done properly. They’ll work efficiently complete the job and clean up any leftover debris before hauling the debris away to be properly disposed of.

Our clean out services are catered to those who have a space they need completely rid of junk, and properly cleaned. We provide clean outs for houses, offices, attics, commercial spaces, storage units, and more. During our clean out services our team will remove all trash and unwanted items, thoroughly clean the space, and if needed, help organize the space in a way that works for you.

Our easy 6 step process has worked for us and our customers for over 5 years. We keep it simple for everyone involved. Think of us as your “Easy Button”.

  • Call or Text 214-888-JUNK (5865) or click here to schedule your junk removal service.
  • We will give you a window of time on your day of service. In addition, we will call you when we are 30-40 minutes out with an exact ETA.
  • Once we arrive, you can point us to your junk or the job area. We will give you an exact price right then and there. You give us a thumbs up, and we get to work.
  • We will load, clean up, haul away, and dispose of your junk for you.
  • We will walk you through the completed job and verify it meets your standards.
  • We will send you an invoice via text or email. You can use any card you wish. We do accept cash payments and offer other forms of payments to better meet everyone’s needs.

Call us at 214-888-JUNK (5865) to schedule your BBQ grill removal or to get a free quote!

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