Deck Demolition and Removal

JM Junk Removers completing a deck demolition and removal service.

When is a Deck Demolition Necessary?

While your deck may be a beloved part of your home, there comes a time when a deck demolition and removal is necessary. Overtime decks are worn down by weather, people, pets, and more. And while your deck may not be noticeably falling apart, it is not always easy to tell if it is still safe just by looking at it. Wooden decks can easily become dangerous when the planks become loose, cracked, squishy, or start shifting out of place. In many cases this can lead to damage and injuries that we all want to avoid. So checking the integrity of your deck is important. Looking for holes in the deck, or planks that dip down when pressure is put on them is a good place to start. If your deck has railing, you should also check that it is not wobbly or cracking. Decks should be firm all the way across, so if you notice your foot sinking when you step, or if you can feel the wood moving under you it may be time for some repairs or a complete deck removal.

While a deck removal can certainly be necessary for safety, it can also be necessary if you no longer want your deck or simply don’t like the way it looks. Getting rid of a deck is a big job, and may seem not with the effort if it is only for cosmetic reasons. However, no matter the reason for your deck demolition and removal, JM Junk Removers can help!

How Can JM Junk Removers Help With Your Deck Demolition and Removal?

JM Junk Removers is a junk removal company operating in the DFW area. We provide junk removal, clean out, and demolition services. Our goal is always to get the job done, whether it be a deck demolition, house clean out, or single item removal, with no stress for you! When it comes to a deck demolition and removal, there are a few ways we can help.

Demolition – The first step in getting rid of a deck is taking it apart. When you hire JM Junk Removers we take care of the entire deck demolition. Our team will come in and efficiently and safely break down your deck and prepare it for removal.

Removal – After breaking down your deck, there will be piles of wood and other materials left over. Our team will take care of loading everything into our trailers and hauling it all away.

Clean up – At JM Junk Removers we prioritize making every job stress free and safe for you and your home. So, after the demolition process we will clean up the area and ensure you are not left with any scraps or debris from the deck.

Disposal – After removing the deck we will dispose of all debris collected, ensuring it gets properly disposed of without you having to lift a finger!

Why Choose JM Junk Removers For Your Deck Removal?

  • We are a fully licensed and ensured company, ensuring your property is protected throughout the process.
  • Before making any changes to your deck, our team will complete a pre-demolition assessment. During which, they will evaluate potential hazards and asses the area, guaranteeing our team members can follow all safety procedures.
  • JM Junk Removers has all the tools we need to complete your deck demolition. Our team will come prepared with any and all equipment needed to complete the job safely.
  • We dispose of all junk we remove in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We have been completing demolition and removal services for years, and have over 250 five star reviews.
  • Our deck demolition and removal service is an easy button for you, allowing you to have your deck removed with no stress or hassle.

Schedule your deck removal online or call us at 214-888-JUNK(5865) to book or get a free quote.

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