How to Properly Dispose of Your Electronics

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Why We Must Properly Dispose of Our Electronics.

Here in the MetroPlex that is DFW we have over 7.5 million people. Can you imagine how many phones, computers, tablets, laptops, and televisions there are here in DFW? Imagine if all those electronics are put into household garbage cans once the owner wishes to dispose of them. The amount of mercy, lead, and cadmium that leak into our part of the planet would be harmful. Electronics don’t last much longer than 3-5 years, therefore the amount would be toxic over a decade. Knowing how to properly dispose of your electronics is essential to preventing further damage to our fragile ozone here in the metroplex.

When we recycle our electronics we are recycling metals, plastics, and glass. There are specialty recyclers to properly handle the hazardous chemicals inside electronics. By turning our electronics over to the proper recycling or disposal service, we are preventing harm to the environment and ourselves.

Selling your outdated, but still properly working electronic device is a great way to make a little money back, and still be environmentally ethical. A broken screen or minor damage is repairable prior to selling, in addition it will get you more money for your unwanted electronic device. You can also donate your electronics to some charities. eBay Charities will connect you to the proper charity as will World Computer Exchange. Selling your unwanted device or simply donating it will cut back on unnecessary waste and leave you feeling good.

Pro Tip: Always wipe sensitive and personal data from any devices prior to disposal. This means a hard factory reset. Prior to doing the reset, be sure you back up important files by utilizing your cloud storage, or a physical hard drive.

What is E-Waste?

Electronic waste is called e-waste. The term pertains to the following:

  • Old CRT tube televisions
  • LCD, OLED, and plasma televisions.
  • LCD monitors, smart displays, and tablets.
  • Laptops with LCD monitors.
  • OLED desktop monitors, laptops, and tablets.
  • Computers, computer monitors, and printers.
  • VCRs
  • Portable DVD players with video screens.
  • Smart Phones.
  • Radios.

    Though these can be disposed of easier than refrigerators with freon, they also contain hazardous materials. These must be taken to a designated handler or recycler for proper disposal. JM Junk Removers can also take care of this for you when you can’t.

How to Properly Dispose of E-Waste on Your Own.

Here in the Dallas Metroplex, we are actually very environmentally aware. We have options for properly disposing of our electronics. From Ft.Worth to Canton, and as far North as Celina and then South to Waxahachie, we have e-waste disposal opportunities for everyone to utilize. Sometimes it is just matter of being able to get to them.

Texas has a website for The Texas Commission On Environmental Quality with direct links to recycle computers and televisions. These links will take you to the proper disposal for your exact brand of electronics. Some companies, such as Apple, will offer you trade in value, discounts, and credits to utilize their recycling or disposal procedures.

When you can’t get to those locations, or when you simply do not have the time, JM Junk Removers can help you properly dispose of your electronics. Simply call us at 214-888-JUNK (5865) to let us help you by recycling and disposing of your e-waste for you. We are an environmentally conscious company wanting to leave our world better than we found it. If we can do one thing to better our planet, it is to recycle.

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