Junk Removal: How We Do It

junk removal job completed

Junk Removal job completed

What is junk?

Anything you have lying around that no longer serves its purpose and is taking up space inside or outside of your home or office is junk. The broken or unused appliances, furniture, piano, pool table, television, mattresses, toys, BBQ grill, and those stacks of boxes in the corner are all examples of junk you have lying around. This is where junk removal services come in to help you reclaim that space. With JM Junk Removers it can be anywhere in your home, and our professional technicians will remove it for you. It can be on the second floor of your home, or even in the attic, and we will get it for you. Our technicians have training and are prepared to take care of your property when removing anything from your home or office. Junk removal can be utilized in both residential and commercial properties.

Junk can also be the old shed in the backyard, or the play set no one uses anymore. If there is a hot tub or deck that has become an eyesore, we can take care removing those as well. Our highly trained technicians are the pros in demolition and removal of everything from above ground pools and pergolas to sheds and decks. From trampolines and campers to patios and metal awnings. From junk removal to demolition and haul away!All you have to do is call or text us at 214-888-JUNK (5865)!

How we do junk removal

When you call or text JM Junk Removers with your junk removal needs, you will speak with one of our highly trained team members directly. After we schedule you, we will send you a confirmation text or email. On the day of your service, we will give you a call 30 minutes prior to our arrival with an exact ETA because we value your time. Once we arrive, you simply use your index finger to point out what you need removed. It is that simple! We give you an exact price with no hidden fees. Once you give us a thumbs up, our technicians will get to work. The technicians will safely lift, remove, and dispose of your junk. When they have completed the task, including cleaning up, they will text or email you an invoice. You can then use any card of your choice!

Our trucks can hold items of all sizes and weights. This allows us to take a variety of items in one load. We can take your acceptable junk, appliances, furniture, and demolition debris in one load. Even multiple jobs fit into one trailer or truck load. When we have a full load, our crew will take the truck back to our facility. That is where we sort out the recyclables, disposables, and items to be donated.

How we do pricing for junk removal services

We price your basic household junk by volume. We charge for the amount of space it takes up in our trucks or trailers. Demolition and haul away jobs are priced by the height, width, and length, which also leads to the amount of space that is taken up in our trailers or trucks. Our clean out services very on the size of the job and amount of technicians needed to complete the job. We can come out and give you an estimate, or you can text us pictures. Once our technicians are onsite, they will give you an exact and final price.

JM Junk Removers will not provide junk removal, but we will do it with professionalism and efficiency. Our junk removal services are provided for the both your home and office. With a variety of services, JM Junk Removers can be a valuable asset to anyone needing junk removal. We are easily accessible, and are always courteous, creating loyal customers for life. See for yourself how easy it is! Contact us today to for your home, office, garage, or commercial junk removal needs.

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