Piano Removal: How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Piano

removing a piano from a customers house

JM Junk Removers completing a piano removal service.

A piano can be a fun and beloved part of your home, but when it’s time for one to go, getting rid of it can turn into a real hassle. Getting rid of a piano is an exhausting and overwhelming job. Just trying to figure out where to start can cause so much stress. If you have a piano that needs to go, no matter the reason, there are a few things you can do to make the job easier.

Preparing for The Piano Removal

Preparation is a necessary step in the piano removal process. Though it may not be fun, planning ahead can help you avoid injuries and property damage. It can be overwhelming when you know you want your piano gone, but have no idea where to start. Sitting down and planning out the entire piano removal will help breakdown the process, allowing it to become more approachable for you. When planning there are a few different things you need to get figured out.

Knowing where the piano is going prevents unneeded stress, and saves you time. This step may take a little research, so it’s a good idea to have a set plan before removing the piano. How you dispose of your piano may very based on its condition, the time and access you have, and where you live. If your piano is in a useable condition you could look into selling it through places like eBay or Facebook marketplace, or donating it to a local charity, thrift store, church, or family. If your piano is not in a good state you can recycle it or dispose of it a waste site or landfill.

Knowing how you’re transporting the piano will make it easier to get the piano removed in one trip. Imagine carrying that heavy piano through your house out the door only to realize it won’t fit in your car, that could cause a serious headache. So before moving the piano know where you moving it to, and have the truck, car, or other transportation close by and ready to be loaded up.

Finally, knowing who and what you need to help you successfully remove your piano, can make all the difference. Depending on the size and condition of your piano, you many need a friend or two to help you get it out of the house. You many also find it easier to remove the pianos legs and take them separately, so a screwdriver might come in handy.

Piano Removal Cost

Knowing how much removing your piano will cost can be tricky, as it varies depending on the circumstances. The main two differences in price will be whether you chose to remove the piano yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

Removing the piano yourself – If you plan on removing your piano by yourself there are ways to make money and lose money in the process. Selling your piano may allow you to make some money; however, transporting it may still cost you if you do not already have a way to move it. When removing a piano by yourself most of the cost will come from transporting and disposing. If you need to recycle or throw away your piano you may have to pay dump it. The price for dumping a piano can range anywhere from zero dollars to over a hundred dollars depending on where you live and where you take it. So, to get a more accurate estimate it’s best to research recycle centers and waste sites near you and go through their website or give them a call.

Hiring Help – Hiring professionals to remove the piano for you can be a huge help, and in many cases much worth the price. Each company charges different, and price may vary depending on where you live, but you can assume in will be a few hundred dollars or so. Many junk removal and other piano removal services offer free estimates, so calling a few different companies near you can help give you a better idea for cost.

Who to Call When You Need Help

JM Junk Removers is a licensed and insured junk removal company, ready to make your piano removal easy. We have been operating in the DFW area for years, completing a range of junk removal, clean out, and demolition services. Our goal is to make junk removal easy for you, taking care of everything from piano removals to deck demolitions. Removing a piano is a big task, but JM Junk Removers has the tools and the experience to get it done. Whether you don’t know how to get rid of your piano or you just don’t have the time, we are here to do all the heavy lifting for you. When you hire JM Junk to complete a piano removal, we will remove the piano, load it into our trucks, haul it away, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

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